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Resume Number: 7232
First Name: Nicholas
Last Name: Guiher
Address: 975 Garfield NW
City: Grand Rapids
State: MI
Zip: 49504
Daytime Phone: 616-745-9357
Email Address: nicholas.e.guiher@gmail.com
Industry: TV
Department: Production
Last three employers or assignments beginning with the most recent:
Employer: WXMI-TV
Job Title : Newscast Director
Job Begin: May 2017
Job End: Present
Duties/Responsibilities: Codes, Directs, & Technical Directs live newscasts, pre-recorded, & interview segments using Ross Overdrive Calls commands to execute clean newscasts Troubleshoots problems and either solves them or reports them to management Also operates TelePrompTer, audio console, floor direct, jib, and assist with studio maintenance

Employer: WXMI-TV
Job Title: Operations Technician
Job Begin: December 2014
Job End: May 2017
Duties/Responsibilities: Operates robotic cameras, audio, Teleprompter, jib, and floor directs for live newscast and pre-recorded newscast Assist director when needed with coding for Ross Overdrive Assist with studio maintenance

Employer: WGVU-TV
Job Title : Production Assistant
Job Begin: June 2012
Job End: December 2014
Duties/Responsibilities: Assist with floor directing, teleprompting, audio, and cameras for live and pre reordered programs, field remotes and uplinks Operated & created graphics Assisted with studio maintenance
Internships served:
Internship: WZZM-TV
Intern Duties: *Wrote stories for website and for air using Avid Inews *Edited video using Avid newscutter *Assisted with assignment desk duties *Did other duties as assigned
Educational Background:
Institution: Grand Valley State University
Years Attended: 2011-2013
Degree Earned: Bachelor's of Science Degree
Location Preference(s):
SC Cities: Any

Date Posted: 05/07/2018

Resume Number: 7214
First Name: Edward
Middle Name : Ray
Last Name: Plummer
Address: P.O. Box 224
City: Flemingsburg
State: KY
Zip: 41041
Daytime Phone: 6067823746
Evening Phone: 6067823746
Email Address: eplummer33@yahoo.com
Industry: Either
Department: Programming
Last three employers or assignments beginning with the most recent:
Employer: WFLE Radio
Job Title : Program/Music Director, etc.
Job Begin: November 11, 2002
Duties/Responsibilities: Announcer, anchor, writer, reporter, Program/Music Director, sports play by play, etc.

Employer: WAXZ/WAOL
Job Title: Announcer/Account Representative, etc.
Job Begin: March 19, 2002
Job End: November 4, 2002
Duties/Responsibilities: Announcer, account representative, working with businesses through marketing plans, promotions, etc.

Employer: WFLE Radio
Job Title : Program/Music Director, etc.
Job Begin: December 20, 1994
Job End: March 17, 2002
Duties/Responsibilities: Same as WFLE before
Internships served:
Internship: Sports Department WMKY
Intern Duties: Reporter, interview the coaches, clerical duties assisting with News Department with whatever needed to be done.
Educational Background:
Institution: Morehead State University
Years Attended: 5
Degree Earned: BA-part of Master's Degree
Honors/Awards: Greek Man of the Year, Senior of the Month, Big Man on Campus, also nominated several times for Country Music Director of the Year, station received Country Station of the Year, 2011. Member of the CMA.

Date Posted: 03/11/2018

Resume Number: 7160
First Name: John
Middle Name : William
Last Name: Lisk
Address: 305 Palladium Dr
City: Surfside Beach
State: SC
Zip: 29575
Daytime Phone: 732-754-9647
Evening Phone: 843-650-0143
Email Address: johnwilliamlisk@gmail.com
Industry: Radio
Department: Production
Last three employers or assignments beginning with the most recent:
Employer: Beasley Media Group
Job Title : Afternoon Drive/ APD
Job Begin: 11/01/16
Job End: 97/07/17
Duties/Responsibilities: Afternoon Drive Host/APD Website Content editor/monitor Facebook Content monitor Audio Production

Employer: Greater Media Inc
Job Title: Radio Personality
Job Begin: 05/08/99
Job End: 10/31/16
Duties/Responsibilities: Overnight Host Evening Host Afternoon Drive Host Fill In for Morning Drive Website Content editor/monitor Facebook Content monitor Audio Production Producer for @Central Jersey with Maggie Glynn

Educational Background:
Institution: Connecticut School of Broadcasting. East Rutherford, NJ
Years Attended: 1
Degree Earned: Yes
Location Preference(s):
SC Cities: Myrtle Beach

Date Posted: 11/06/2017

Resume Number: 7147
First Name: James
Middle Name : D
Last Name: White
Address: 700 Hill Street
City: Galena
State: IL
Zip: 61036
Daytime Phone: 8157776752
Evening Phone: 8157776752
Email Address: james.white@musicallead.com
Industry: Radio
Department: Programming
Last three employers or assignments beginning with the most recent:
Job Title : On-Air Personality
Job Begin: FEB - 2017
Duties/Responsibilities: On-Air Personality for Saturday Afternoon show on 97.7 Country - WGLR. Show is Voice-Tracked. Also do promos, VO work.

Job Title: On-Air Personality
Job Begin: OCT - 2015
Job End: NOV - 2016
Duties/Responsibilities: VT Fill in as necessary on 106.1 SuperHits 106.1

Job Title : WRITER - OWNER
Job Begin: MAR - 2011
Duties/Responsibilities: Writer for music blog. Conducts interviews of musicians / bands, reviews concerts, music releases. Provides social commentary about music of all genres, and writer about music history and those that made it so.
Educational Background:
Institution: American Broadcasting School
Years Attended: 2015
Degree Earned: DIPLOMA
Location Preference(s):
SC Cities: ALL

Date Posted: 10/18/2017

Listing 4 resumes

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