Upcoming FCC Broadcast Deadlines for May-July

By Anne Goodwin Crump on May 03, 2022 12:41 pm

July 10, 2022

Issues/Programs Lists – For all commercial and noncommercial radio, television, and Class A television stations, listings of each station’s most significant treatment of community issues during the second quarter of 2022 must be placed in the station’s online public inspection file.  The lists should include brief narratives describing the issues covered and the programs which provided the coverage, with information concerning the time, date, duration, and title of each program with a brief description of the program.  The issues may be either local or national, so long as they are of concern to the local community.

Class A Television Stations Continuing Eligibility Documentation – The Commission requires that all Class A Television Stations maintain in their online public inspection files documentation sufficient to demonstrate that the station is continuing to meet the eligibility requirements of broadcasting at least 18 hours per day and broadcasting an average of at least three hours per week of locally produced programming.  While the Commission has given no guidance as to what this documentation must include or when it must be added to the public file, we believe that a quarterly certification which states that the station continues to broadcast at least 18 hours per day, that it broadcasts on average at least three hours per week of locally produced programming, and lists the titles of such locally produced programs should be sufficient.

Media Bureau Announces Transition of Additional Filings to Licensing and Management System (LMS)

By Travis Andring on May 04, 2022 02:08 pm

The FCC announced this week that various additional applications must soon be submitted through the LMS online electronic system. Specifically, commencing May 17, 2022, the following filings are required to be submitted through LMS: FM Engineering Special Temporary Authority (STAs) Request for Silent STA Extension of Silent and Engineering STA Suspension of Operations Notification Resumption…… Continue Reading

FCC to Update Rules to Allow Digital Generation and Verification of antenna Directional Patterns

By Jackie Fisher on May 06, 2022 07:47 am

The FCC has released a draft Report and Order to amend its broadcast radio rules to allow the use of computer models to verify antenna directional patterns. Barring unexpected developments, the Report and Order will be adopted during the Commission’s May 19th open meeting. These proposed rule changes are great news for applicants – under…… Continue Reading

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