WOLO (Columbia) Control Room in the mid-70s

In 2008, SCBA celebrated its 60th annivesary and in recognition of that milestone, the Association engaged in two very special projects. In 2006, the Association launched a special history project, and over two and a half years collected vintage audio and video material, station histories and interviews with dozens of broadcast pioneers.  In 2008, SCBA looked to the future of the industry and pledged support to the next great generation of broadcasters by dedicating a campaign to fully fund the Educational Foundation endowment at the million-dollar mark.  The Association made a contribution of $120,000 to the endowment at the end of 2008 to reach that goal. The SCBA Educational Foundation funds $35,000 annually in scholarships for broadcast students at colleges, technical schools and universities in South Carolina.  The scholarship program will be now be able to continue in perpetuity. 

Below is the in-depth article that Professor Haney Howell of Winthrop University wrote for the 60th anniversary.  Howell managed the history portion of the anniversary project for SCBA. 

Historical Overview of SC Broadcasting

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Historical Overview of SC Broadcasting With Photos

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SCBA Archives – Historical material from South Carolina radio and television stations has been preserved in archives established by SCBA in 1976 at the McKissick Museum on the University of South Carolina Campus in Columbia. Students, professionals, researchers and members of the public can learn about the state’s history through film, records, audio and video tapes and the personal records of South Carolina’s veteran broadcasters. Origin of the SCBA Archives

SC State Museum Broadcast Exhibit – SCBA collaborated with the State Museum to feature memorabilia from the state’s radio and television stations.

Donation of Broadcast Artifacts –  Collecting materials for the SCBA Archives is an ongoing project and SCBA welcomes contributions from its members and others who have an interest in preserving broadcast history in South Carolina.  If you have items to donate, call the SCBA office at (803) 732-1186.

Past Presidents – Like any professional organization, SCBA depends on volunteers to lead the Association and its many active committees.  Since our inception in 1948, SCBA has been fortunate to have had so many broadcast pioneers, legends and leaders at the helm of our ever-expanding association. 



1948-49 G. Richard Shafto* 1949-50 Beverly T. "Bevo" Whitmire*
1950-51 Dan Crosland* 1951-52 Melvin Purvis*
1952-53 John M. Rivers, Sr.* 1953-54 Walter J. Brown*
1954-55 C. Wallace Martin 1955-56 Frank B. Best, Sr.
1956-57 James F. Coggins* 1957-58 Charles A Batson*
1958-59 WR "Randy" Davidson 1959-60 H. Moody McElveen, Jr.*
1960-61 Edward LB Osborne* 1961-62 Louis M. Neale, Jr.*
1962-63 W. Frank Harden* 1963-64 Cleatus O. Brazzell*
1964-65 John Y. Davenport* 1965-66 Herbert E. "Hub" Blankenship, Sr.
1966-67 Joseph B. Wilder* 1967-68 Wilson C. Wearn*
1968-69 William Bochman* 1969-70 James K. Whitaker*
1970-71 Wayne Brooks Sawyer* 1971-72 Charles Sanders*
1972-73 Richard T. Laughridge 1973-74 Tad Fogel
1974-75 Wallace "Wally" Mullinax* 1975-76 Douglas A. Smith
1976-77 AP Skinner* 1976-77 Oby Lyles*
1977-78 Thomas J. Rogers 1978-79 Joe Foster
1979-80 Betty T. Roper* 1980-81 Ben Davis
1981-82 Virgil "Buddy" Evans* 1982-83 Ken Harmon
1983-84 William B. "Beau" Sanders 1984-85 Joseph R. Varholy
1985-86 William L. McElveen 1986-87 Nick Frangias
1987-88 Gloria S. Wilson* 1988-89 William "Bill" Saunders
1989-90 Carl Roach 1990-91 Dixon C. Lovvorn*
1991-92 Kenneth Joe Sessoms 1992-93 Harold T. Miller, Jr.
1993-94 Jack West* 1994-95 Bob Newsham
1995-96 Matt Sedota 1996-97 Ron Loewen
1997-98 Barry Brown 1998-99 Lou Kirchen
1999-2000 Dave Alpert 2000-01 David F. McAtee
2001-02 Alex Snipe 2002-03 John Cottingham
2003-04 Rich O'Dell 2004-05 Margaret Wallace
2005-06 Mel Stebbins 2006-07 Allan Miller
2007-09 Mike Hayes 2009-11 Jane Pigg
2011-13 Billy Huggins 2013-15 Suzanne Teagle
2015-16 Bob Romine 2015-16 John Soapes
2015-16 Rich O'Dell (Interim)  



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