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The FCC requires all broadcast stations that have a website to place a link on the main page that points to their online public file (OPIF). Apparently, the Commission while doing maintenance on the OPIF site last week, changed the way the link works. It seems that the call letters of the station as posted in the link must be in all capital letters.    If your link is not working simply change it to link to the site with call letters in all caps (  AM stations will be am-profiles and TV stations will be tv-profiles. A reminder if your license has the call letters with FM or AM included the link must include FM or AM.   As stations are required to have a working link to their online public file on the homepage of their website, and in certain public notices related to FCC applications, check your website to make sure that links to your station’s online public file are working.   We are not sure if the Commission will change it back or just have stations change their links on the station website.   If you have any questions contact John George or your legal advisor.

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