How To Join

How To Join the South Carolina Broadcasters Association and submit the following application to become a member:

SCBA Membership Application


2023 Dues Schedule 

Station Members
(Annual dues are based on annual gross revenues. Dues commitments are on the honor system and revenue figures will be kept confidential.)


(If a station has a LMA with another television station in its own market, include the LMA station’s gross revenues for a joint membership under one annual dues payment.)

Annual Gross Revenue Annual Dues
Under $10 Million $1,350
$10 to $20 Million $1,650
$20 Million or More $1,850


(For those stations which are consolidated, including AM stations in a combo, add the revenue of all the stations owned in ONE market, regardless of how many are owned in that market. This total gross revenues discount does not apply to group-owned stations in different markets within the state.)

Annual Gross Revenue Annual Dues
Under $200,000 $250
$200,001 - $400,000 $450
$400,001 - $600,000 $600
$600,001 - $800,000 $800
$800,001 - $1 Million $1,000
$1 Million - $10 Million $1,350
$10 Million - $20 Million $1,650
$20 Million or More $1,850



Associate Members
Corporation/Business/Organization/Professional Individual $225
Retired Broadcaster $100
Non-Commercial or Educational Radio or TV $120


As a part of SCBA membership, stations agree to set aside inventory to air PEP spots on a regular basis. The suggested minimum for all stations is one spot per day 5 am-12 midnight and one per day 5 am-5 am for each PEP campaign.

Annual payments are encouraged but, if necessary, a quarterly payment schedule can be arranged for station members. Associate members must pay annually.