Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP)


  • All SCBA member stations can participate in this FCC-endorsed voluntary inspection.
  • Completing the ABIP insures a station that it is in compliance with FCC regulations. 
  • Stations holding ABIP certificates are exempt from routine FCC inspections for a period of three years.


How It Works: 

  • To enroll in the program, contact the SCBA office at 803-732-1186 or scba@scba.net.
  • SCBA will forward a contract with an estimated inspection date.
  • Stations must return the signed contract with payment prior to the inspection.
  • Upon successful completion of the inspection, stations are issued a certificate that is posted in the station and the FCC is notified of the certification.
  • If the station does not pass inspection, a grace period of 150 days from the date on the contract is provided to allow the station to make necessary corrections to successfully complete the inspection.
  • Stations may choose to notify the FCC when they enroll in the program, and immediately begin the immunity protection. Or they may choose not to notify the FCC of their enrollment, in which case the station has no protection from inspection.
  • Stations should download the FCC Self-Inspection Checklist for television at www.fcc.gov/general/broadcast-self-inspection-checklists.


All stations should take advantage of this valuable service. Be certain your station is in compliance and immune from routine FCC inspection.

If your station currently holds an ABIP certificate, check the renewal date and schedule your next inspection well in advance to avoid any lapse in immunity.


ABIP Rates:


Type of Station Member Rates Non-Member Rates Estimated Time
Single FM $375 (M) $450 (NM) 1/2 day
AM Non-Directional $375 (M) $450 (NM) 1/2 day
AM Directional (5MP) $500 (M) $600 (NM) 1 day
Additional Station Each additional station of the same class in the same market is one-half price.



Type of Station Member Rates Non-Member Rates Estimated Time
Digital Television $550 (M) $675 (NM) 1 day
AM Non-Directional $400 (M) $500 (NM) 1 day


  • Inspector fees are the responsibility of the station(s).  Every effort will be made to coordinate inspection trips so that stations located in the same service area can share the cost of the expenses. 
  • A portion of the fee collected goes to SCBA to cover its costs associated with management of the ABIP program.