Sales Services

Nationally and internationally recognized consultants and speakers address sales personnel at our Winter Convention each year.

During the 2020 Winter Conference, Derron Steenbergen was back by popular demand and spoke on the following topics:


Discovering Your Sales Swagger

Discovering Your Sales Swagger will focus on managing the many distractions that keep salespeople from being successful. Nothing fuels the effort of discovering our sales swagger more than confidence. This session will focus on the many things that build our belief in ourselves as well as the things that steal our joy. Go from being distracted and overwhelmed to someone with defined focus and a renewed spirit. Be prepared to be challenged. Be prepared to be engaged. Be prepared to make more money than ever before. Recommended for all sellers and sales managers.


Digital…It’s Not Just Selling More of It, but Understanding How it Works Best with Selling Radio and Television

This session will jump into the digital arena and start exploring how we can do more. Many salespeople in most markets are struggling with how to sell digital and social media, and it’s costing them money and credibility. This session will unlock your understanding of how to handle your clients when they say, “well, I have a Facebook page”. It’s time we begin to tell our broadcast story better! For radio and television to stay relevant, YOU must stay passionate. We will wrap up this session with why we are and how you can! 



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