Tips for Non-Profit Organizations

Community Service Commitment By Local Broadcaster

(Guidelines for Non-Profits and Governmental Agencies)

Local broadcasters are committed to community service through news programming, public service announcements, sponsorship of charitable events and local community affairs programming. Aside from pre-produced, on-air messages there are a number of ways to work with broadcasters to gain exposure for your group/organization.

  • Notify stations of your special events and newsworthy activities through press releases include background information about your group, any pertinent contact information, etc. Follow up with a call.
  • When broadcasters arrive to cover your event, be prepared with complete press packets, and have an articulate spokesperson prepared to handle an interview.
  • Provide stations pre-written copy for a voiced PSA, a concise, pre-timed (30 or 60 second) message with contact info included at the end.
  • Explain how your event or program will significantly impact the community in measurable ways
  • Build relationships with station Program Directors--ongoing, not just when you need airtime. The person who handles the Program Director role may also wear several hats. Do your homework and get to know the proper person at each station.
  • Identify and build relationships with Producers of community affairs and news programs. Again, do your homework. Be sure your message fits with the program style and format.
  • Make yourself (or another articulate and engaging spokesperson) available for interview segments in newscasts or community affairs programs - ongoing
  • Offer to be an expert consultant in your field--ongoing. This is a way to get your name/organization in the address book of the news director or producer or program director - Great relationship-building opportunity. Your support on one story, may lead to another opportunity for your organization at another time.
  • Recognize the value of community calendars, etc. if offered in lieu of PSAs--be flexible.
  • Understand that stations make decisions about what to cover based on breaking news of the day. Don't expect them to commit to coverage far in advance, and be prepared for last-minute changes.
  • Be patient - build relationships - be focused in your message - demonstrate the measurable impact to the community. Utilize all the options above for premium exposure.


Community Service Contacts

This file provides contact information for questions related to PSA time, interview segments, public affair appearance, station calendars, etc within our SC radio and television stations.

(There are tabs by market inside the document)


Television Newsrooms

This PDF file provides contact information for SC television stations that have news departments.