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The call for entries for the 2014 STAR Awards program will be opening soon. Make sure you are preparing to submit your station's best work from April 1, 2013-March 31, 2014. Entry deadline is June 2nd. Finalist will be announced in late June/early July and the awards will be presented on August 9th.

This year we have added a NEW CATEGORY inside the Production Category: Multi-Spot Campaign.

NEW THIS YEAR! Entries will be submitted using BetterBNC Online Awards Platform. Get contest details here.




During our 2014 Winter Convention we honored

Masters Award Recipients Dale Gilbert and Manning Kimmel. The Masters Award acknowledges lifetime achievements of on-air broadcasters who have made significant contributions to broadcasting in South Carolina and who personify high broadcast industry standards within their communities.

We also honored SFC Don Sornson with the Honorary Life Membership Award. The Honorary Life Membership Award salutes those who have served broadcasting by making significant contributions to the industry either in South Carolina or outside the state.  Special consideration is given to South Carolina broadcasters. This special category may include broadcast educators, legislators, owners and managers, on-air talent, broadcast technical specialists, legal and regulatory experts or a South Carolinian representing broadcasting on a national level.

Pictured left to right: Manning Kimmel, OTS Media; Shani White, SCBA; SFC Don Sornson, ARNG; Dale Gilbert, WYFF 4.










SCBA is offering three scholarships to The Poynter Institute for Media Studies.  The scholarships cover tuition and some travel expenses.  Scholarships are applicable to the two programs outlined below; however, a predetermined number of scholarships have been designated for each seminar.  The top SCBA member candidates will be awarded the designated scholarships and any other SCBA members selected to attend the seminars will do so at their own expense.  If no SCBA members apply or are selected to attend a particular seminar eligible for an SCBA scholarship then the scholarship(s) will roll over to the other remaining seminars and will be publicized to the membership.  For more information on the scholarships and seminars, go to  www.poynter.org


Seminars Eligible for SCBA Scholarships:


TV Power Reporting

Seminar Dates:  August 15-September 30, 2014

Application Deadline:  July 15, 2014

Scholarships Available:  1


Hands-On Backpack and Mobile Video Workshop Academy

Seminar Dates:  June 9-, 2014

Application Deadline:  May 5, 2014

Scholarships Available:  2




The radio industry and NAB have been working to increase the number of cell phones activated with FM radio receivers.  The opportunity to include radio receivers on cell phones has had its share of challenges:  the limited number of smartphones that include FM radio, chip size, power consumption and cost. Despite the opportunity hybrid radio (FM + Internet) on the smartphone provides, there's been no working example of it available in the US, let alone one that can match the rich user experience available through other mobile radio-like products.  That is. . .until now.

NextRadio represents the radio industry's opportunity to put broadcast radio in the hands of smartphone users across the country and they want to make it easy for you to present your listeners with the best listening experience available for your station through NextRadio.  Add your logo and tagline to the NextRadio station listing for free or sign up for full data service to synchronize your broadcast audio with album art, meta data and enhanced advertising.  Become a part of the network of stations ready to provide NextRadio content today!  Sign Up



SCBA is offering two sales development opportunities for member stations in 2014. LBS, LocalBroadcastSales.com, offers stations a complete sales training program for your sales team.  The online program includes training from over 35 of the nation's most respected consultants and sales trainers, new video training each week, two weekly newsletters, sales research by region and industry, access to all LBS training via mobile, and unlimited access to Ask LBS sales experts. 

The Leaders Edge Sales Management Training Program from Jim Doyle & Associates is a comprehensive personal coaching program for media sales managers who want to break the chains of mediocrity and only accept excellence.  It's an ongoing, multi-formatted, real-world program that's guaranteed to help managers become stronger leaders.  These leaders understand that fresh ideas, motivation and managers become stronger leaders.  They understand that becoming part of the Leaders Edge is an investment in their future not an expense!  By participating in this program, your management team will receive a weekly newsletter, have the opportunity to participate in live tele-seminars featuring Jim Doyle as well as prominent national leaders and speakers and obtain personal coaching from Jim. 

These programs are being offered to members at drastically reduced savings due in large part to the Public Education Program (PEP) which is supported by donated airtime from stations.  To sign up, members must participate in the PEP program.  The cost is only $79 per sales program per station/cluster.  If your station is interested in participating in either or both sales programs for 2014, send an email to SCBA.



SCBA Accepting USC Scholarship Applications
SCBA is accepting USC scholarship applications for the 2014-2015 school year. Four $2,500 scholarships will be awarded to broadcast journalism majors--one to a rising sophomore, one to a rising junior and two to rising seniors. The application deadline is Monday, March 31. 2014.

SCBA's Job Bank
The Internet is the most efficient and effective recruiting tool today!  Stations, post your job openings on the Job Bank and view resumes for all job categories.  Interested in a broadcast career?  Learn about the types of broadcast jobs available and post your resume.  SCBA Job Bank postings are for Equal Opportunity Employers.  Post Jobs

Legal Article on Subpoenas

SCBA's legal counsel offers advice on how to handle a subpoena when your station receives one.

PEP Update

SCBA member stations are in partnership with governmental agencies to deliver public education messages throughout the state.  Many SCBA programs and services are made possible by proceeds from the PEP program.  Stations air PEP spots in the best times available and as often as possible.  Current partners include:  SC Army National Guard, the AAA Foundation of the Carolinas, the US Dept. of Health and Human Services and the SC Dept. of Higher Education  Read More

Tips for Non-Profit Organizations

For local radio and television stations across South Carolina, community service is more than a passing concern.  It is a way of doing business.  Every day in South Carolina, from the biggest cities to the smallest towns and everywhere in between, broadcasters are going to bat for community charities, educating residents about important local issues, and delivering lifesaving information and relief in times of crisis or disaster.  Non-profit groups across the state know they can turn to their local radio and television stations for a helping hand.  The tradition of community service by South Carolina broadcasters is unmatched by any other industry and one that we pledge to uphold in the years ahead.  If you want to gain exposure for your charitable organization, school or other civic group, SCBA provides these guidelines for working with the media. Read More






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