Multimedia News Manager

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The University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications Innovation News Center (INC) seeks a Multimedia News Manager to teach students, produce news content, and provide innovative leadership to unique student immersion experiences.

News Managers of the INC must embrace our dual mission which is to prepare UF College of Journalism & Communications students for the workforce through instructional coursework and immersion experiences while serving the greater Gainesville community through high quality news, weather, sports and information content across existing and emerging multimedia platforms.

Key Duties

Teaching Students:

  • Teach 12 credit hours per year between Spring, Summer and Fall semesters in the CJC that support INC operations
  • Teaching duties include creating/updating course syllabi, preparing lectures, training, scheduling, managing, grading, critiquing, coaching students, production of programs/content and video products/production and other expectations as required by relevant UF department chair
  • Monitor the development/production of various student content pieces to ensure they are accurate and meet commonly held industry standards for quality, ethics, tone, deadlines, etc
  • Oversee the work of student journalists –by copyediting, reviewing video/audio footage, coaching of on-air talent
  • Accompany student journalists in the field
  • Provide training for students in the operation of various pieces of newsroom, studio, control room and remote production equipment, and production procedures
  • Participate in professional development

Producing News Content:

  • Help student and staff content creators find the best way to tell their stories across all platforms that is in line with our academic focus and community/editorial targets
  • Work closely with the News Director and other managers to execute the daily coverage plan and support newsroom students and staff
  • Assist with editorial/planning by taking an active role in ensuring content creation serves the community with timely/relevant impactful journalism
  • Produce newscasts, specials, programs and creating content in the studio and in the field for all platforms
  • Drafts, coordinates, organizes coverage plans for major events, elections, hurricanes, etc
  • Participate in and support breaking news coverage that impacts the community, public safety and emergency communication programming and efforts related to the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network

Innovative Leadership

  • Work with the INC Director and other managers to establish newsroom goals, develop and grow news programs and brand; innovate and develop strategies to ensure our news products remain relevant and guarantee the immersion experiences are adequately preparing scholars for the workforce
  • Analyze data and analytics to help inform editorial decisions and share data with students/staff as part of editorial processes
  • Affirm innovative storytelling and producing techniques are being used to create multi-platform content
  • Lead development of innovative enhancements in production delivery