Public Education Program (PEP)

A powerful and cost-effective way to broadcast your message available only to government agencies and nonprofits.

Need statewide exposure for your agency message? Have a limited public education budget? There’s good news! Dozens of SC agencies have used PEP (Public Education Program) to maximize their marketing and public education budget. Read the program overview below to learn more.

For additional information regarding PEP, please contact Dody Yarborough at 803-732-1186 or

Attention PEP Station Coordinator

The Public Education Program (PEP) works like this. Stations donate unsold time slots to SCBA, and we arrange for qualifying sponsors (non-profit and government agencies not engaged in paid broadcast advertising in South Carolina) to air their message in these slots. The PEP program is not in competition with stations. As a part of SCBA membership, stations agree to set aside inventory to air PEP spots on a regular basis. The suggested minimum for all stations is one spot per day 5 am-12 midnight and one spot per day 5 am-5 am for each PEP campaign

All messages are non-political, non-controversial and serve a public need. PEP is a win-win. Sponsors receive exceptional value for their investment. Broadcasters fulfill their role as community servants through their donation of airtime for distribution of these messages. And, revenue is generated that can support the growth and development of our industry in South Carolina. Your station commitment to PEP allows SCBA to continue to provide top quality professional training, free legal and regulatory support, thousands of dollars in broadcast student assistance and many other services

We appreciate your station’s support of this important program and remember…these educational and informational spots, sponsored by SCBA clients, are unique. PEP spots, unlike other PSA’s, are logged and identified as such, making it possible to pull monthly reports verifying the value of the airtime. The accurate and timely reporting to SCBA is an essential part of your participation in the PEP program. With these reports in hand, SCBA can document to sponsors the strong return on their investment. A successful PEP program enables the South Carolina Broadcasters Association to continue to bring its members high-level service at very affordable rates. More importantly, participation in the PEP program positions local broadcasters as powerful and valuable partners with state and federal agencies

TV stations are encouraged to run spots on their digital sub-channels and report them as they do spots airing on their main channels

If you have any questions regarding the airing or reporting of your PEP spots, please call the SCBA office at (803) 732-1186. Your partnership in this endeavor is greatly appreciated.

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