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Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP)

SCBA’s Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program offers stations protection from random FCC inspection for a period of three years.

How to Enroll in ABIP

Emergency Alert System (EAS)

EAS LOGO - 7-27-2021


Attention Engineers:

Through a joint effort of the Alabama Broadcasters Association, the Georgia Association of Broadcasters, and the South Carolina Broadcasters Association, we offer a FREE monthly engineering webinar that is open to all SCBA member stations.  These webinars are held on the third Tuesday of each month from 11:00 AM Eastern time.

December WEBINAR:

Skip Pizzi, Skip Pizzi Media Consultant LLC


Make your plans to join us on Tuesday December 20th for our next monthly ABA Engineering Webinar. Skip Pizzi, Skip Pizzi Media Consultant LLC will be our special guest. He will discuss “Shifting to ATSC 3.0”. Skip is a well know expert in ATSC 3.0 and has a way of explaining how it works that all can understand. This free webinar is presented by the ABA Engineering Services and will run from 11:00 AM – 12 Noon EST.


Register for upcoming webinars by clicking here.


If you would like to see past webinars, visit the ABA Engineering Academy YouTube channel.


The Engineering Academy now publishes a weekly newsletter for those involved in or interested in Pro Audio. Articles will address setting up and mixing audio for live events including church services, along with tracking and mixing in a studio. It is sent out each Wednesday morning by email.

These webinars are free to SCBA members and registration can be made by contacting the SCBA office at (803) 732-1186 or

Past Monthly Engineering Webinars are archived online. Contact the SCBA office for details on how to access these webinars.

Cybersecurity Takes Another Step 

The US Government has issued warnings to all American companies about looming cybersecurity threats tied to the current political climate with Russia.

Now reports are indicating that UPS units with internet connections can be at risk.

Engineers are encouraged to keep those units either off the network or take steps to ensure they are behind a firewall and have two-step authentication for maximum protection.

Tower Inspections after Storms

Since several states have gone through a couple of storms with very high winds over the last few weeks, engineers are encouraged to gather up their binoculars and visit the tower site.

Check for anything on the tower that may have broken or come loose, such as transmission line hangers and clamps, antennas, and tenant equipment. Look around the ground to see if anything has come off.

On AM towers inspect the insulators in the guy wires to make sure none have been broken.